eXchange POP3 downloads Internet email and delivers it to Microsoft Exchange Server.
eXchange POP3
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Downloads email messages from your Internet POP3 or IMAP accounts and delivers them to your users on Exchange Server.


But, that's not all...

eXchange POP3 protects your organization from dangerous and unwanted (spam) email and gives you complete control over messages entering and leaving your network.

Loaded with features:

supports encrypted SSL connections
supports Google Mail (GMail) accounts
anti-virus scanners supported
rules engine
real-time configuration,
control and monitoring
track and obtain detail history
on all messages processed
real-time connection status
folders for archiving messages
based on rules or virus detection
configuration wizard
supports SMTP authentication
when sending to Internet
supports single and multiple user
POP3/IMAP accounts
Active Directory support ensures messages are delivered to the proper recipients when downloading from a multi-user mailbox
unlimited POP3 accounts
unlimited ISPs
optionally leaves copy of
messages on ISP
supports IMAP accounts
runs on Exchange Server or
another computer in network

  and much more...
New eXchange pop3 Version 6.0