eXchange POP3 downloads Internet email and delivers it to Microsoft Exchange Server.
eXchange POP3: Buy Now (V5.0)

The trial version of eXchange POP3, available in our download section, is a full working version. When you purchase eXchange POP3 you will be sent a license code via email that will remove the 30-day time restriction. We do not ship a physical box.

To place a secure order using your credit-card please visit our corporate web site:

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Version 6.0

eXchange POP3 (Unlimited Users)$149.00

Version 5.0 Upgrade

Upgrade Version 5.0 to 6.0: Unlimited Users$99.00

User Limit Upgrade

Previous owners of Version 6.0 that did not have an unlimited license can now increase their user limit to unlimited users for $49.00.

*prices in US dollars