eXchange POP3 downloads Internet email and delivers it to Microsoft Exchange Server.
eXchange POP3: Administration Features (V6.0)
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Advanced graphical user interface allows you to quickly and easily control, monitor and configure eXchange POP3 in real-time.

Remote Control

The administration program may be run from any computer in your network and remotely operate eXchange POP3.

Multiple Windows

The administration program can launch a separate window for any section you are viewing allowing you to view multiple aspects of the product at the same time.

Event Log

All activity performed by eXchange POP3 is recorded in its own event log.
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You can search the event log for specific events based on severity (info, warning, error), date/time range, message Id and keyword matches in event description.

message tracking/history
Any event relating to a message is logged along with the message's Id. By searching on a message's Id, you can see the message's entire history as it was processed.

Message Log

Tracks each message processed and includes details such as: message header, recipients, attachment names, rules that processed message and if virus found.


Monitor each component of eXchange POP3 in real-time. Indicates if any problems have occurred.
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Monitor each communication session as it is happening. Indicates progress of messages being sent or received.
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Monitor performance counters.
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