eXchange POP3 downloads Internet email and delivers it to Microsoft Exchange Server.
eXchange POP3: Support (V6.0)
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Support Policy

We provide free technical support to both evaluators and customers. Our support team may be reached by telephone, email or fax.

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Setup Guide

Although eXchange POP3 has a Wizard for helping you setup the product, we also provide a Setup Guide which explains the steps necessary to get eXchange POP3 installed and configured.

setup guide (PDF format)

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our FAQ for the latest tips on using eXchange POP3.


Help Documentation

eXchange POP3 includes help documentation. To view the help documentation click the Help button when running the product. To view help you must have a web browser installed (Internet Explorer 4.0, Netscape 4.0 or better).

The entire manual is also available online:

online manual

Latest Version

The latest version is 6.0.090815. To check which version you are running, from the eXchange POP3 administration program's main menu select Help->About.

Version 5.0.xxxx
To upgrade a Version 5.0 installation to the latest build:
shutdown the current version (administration program and service if running as a service, it would be best to remove the service first, to do so select the Control option from the eXchange POP3 manager and then the "Run As A Service" this will remove the service) and copy the current installation into a backup folder
download the product from our download section
install the product to the existing installation's folder
the program will be updated without affecting your configuration or data